When God was distributing lands to all peoples of the Earth, Georgians were feasting and as a result they arrived late, when all lands had already been distributed. They told to God that they were late only because they had been making toasts in praise of him. God was pleased and gave them the only land he has reserved for himself, a part of paradise – Georgia.

Ancient Greek myths and legends, in particular those about the Argonauts, mention Georgian tribes. In the legend of the 50 Greek heroes, led by Jason, who sailed to Kolkhis in quest of the Golden Fleece, legendary events and historical facts are mixed. However they reflect in part the history of the kingdom of Kolkhis (modern west Georgia) that existed at that time.

Georgians are considered one of the most ancient people of the world. According to ancient Greek historians iron processing was invented by Georgian tribes. Georgia is a birthplace of wine, it has a heritage of wine-making dating back some 8,000 years, it offers one of the richest collections of indigenous grape varieties anywhere in the world and even has an alphabet inspired by the shape of the grapevine.

Georgian alphabet is among the 14 existing alphabets of the world.

The sea, mountains, desert, plain – this is the landscape of Georgia. Diverse is the nature of Georgians, defined by these contrasts. The history counting thousands of years and Christianity of seventeen hundred years reveals why Georgia is so unique.

Travelling through Georgia you will have innumerable vivid impressions. The dolmens, the ruins of once formidable fortresses, the ancient churches and soaring battle towers are palpable witnesses to a historic past. You will see priceless frescoes, colorful mosaics, books of miniatures and delicate jewelry. You will see the pearl of Caucasus- Capital of Georgia Tbilisi, once called by Alexander Dumas as “Paris of the East”, towering mountains with its beautiful ski resorts, alpine meadows, fabulous caves, picturesque wine region of Kakheti, the lovely beaches of warm black sea resorts of Adjara and spas of Borjomi and Tskaltubo. As a tourist you will be welcomed warmly by Georgia’s hospitable people, you will be able to see how they live and work, and how they have great feasts, making toasts whilst listening to their unique folk songs and watching their fiery dances. So welcome to Georgia.

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